About Resident Dog

Just as every home is different, so is every dog.

In these stunning images of architecturally superb houses - many of them the architects own homes - we see how the presence of a dog brings warmth and life to the most dramatic spaces. From mid-century raw brick to a penthouse apartment, gracious Edwardian to Scandinavian modern, from beach house to country retreat, there is always room for a dog or two.

Seemingly oblivious to designer furniture, heritage considerations or serious design aesthetics, dogs can make themselves at home anywhere. In fact, these homes are all the more appealing because of their resident dog.


About the Author

Nicole England is a Melbourne-based architecture and interiors photographer who has worked with many of the industry’s top architects and designers, both in Australia and abroad.
A graduate of the highly regarded Elam School of Fine Arts within the University of Auckland, she has an intimate understanding of light and form, and a sharp eye for composition.
Her photography brings the everyday spaces we inhabit into focus, highlighting the artistry and the beauty that is often overlooked.

Her work has graced the glossy pages of magazines worldwide, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Wallpaper, Vogue Living, Artichoke, Belle and House & Garden.



“Words can’t express how happy your photographs made me feel when I saw a post early this morning, it made my day.  It gives a whole new energy, vibe, happiness and perspective to the architecture lifestyle and profession.  Thank you so much for making the world a better place.  Thank you so much for making us realise there are some sweet moments in life with which we forget to be grateful for…”

- Jerry, Sydney

“These are the best photos we’ve ever seen of our house”

- Romy, Caulfield

“My husband has just given me your book Resident Dog for Christmas and I have been sitting here for the last hour admiring your beautiful work. It bought both smiles and tears as I saw how much these dogs are loved in their amazing homes. Although they probably don't realise they are living in such architectural masterpieces! I have a keen amateur interest in architecture and am the lucky mum to our rescue cattle dog/whippet cross who lights up our life every day. Thank you so much for bringing me such joy this Christmas. I will always treasure your book and will spend many hours imagining I live in these wonderful homes.”

- Christine, address unknown

“You have given us amazing memories of our home and loved hairy babies to treasure forever”

- Polly, South Yarra

“It was a fun day - don’t think I have enjoyed an architectural shoot as much as that before!”

- Graham, Elsternwick

“I just wanted to say I love our new book. It combines two of my most favourite things, dogs and houses, your photos are amazing. Anyway, I’m sure you have heard it plenty of times, but just wanted to say thanks for making me smile!”

- Claire, address unknown

“Congrats on a wonderful publication, its exceptional! So pleased to be involved”

- Adriana, Fitzory

“It’s been amazing perusing the book, my husband and I spent a lot of time taking it all in – I feel like reading it is quite exciting, you’re waiting to turn the page and see the next amazing image (and dog!)”

- Rose, Castlemaine