BREED: Border Collie and Cavoodle

Describe your dog.

We’ve had Boo since she was a puppy - she has a beautiful nature, is well behaved, and al- ways wants to do the right thing. She loves everyone to be together, especially on walks.

Noodle has only been with us for the last couple of weeks. She is a rescue dog who spent her earlier years primarily confined to a cage. She is very affectionate, understandably a little timid, but looooves her new family.

Even though Boo and Noodle are the same age, Boo has assumed the role of big sister.

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BREED: Jack Russell Kelpie cross
ARCHITECT: David Thompson

Describe your dog.

Keith is an all or nothing kind of guy. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows Keith. He’s got this real strut about him that lives up to his name – a bit tough, but a bit comical. His body bounces when he walks so even though his face looks serious his ears are flopping around. If he sees a ball, he’ll scream, not bark – scream. If he sees food, it’s gone before you realise. He ate a whole Twix bar, wrapper included, from some poor guy sitting on a park bench.

Describe your home.

When people talk terrace renovations there are the usual things to fix. No storage, little or no natural light and poor connectivity to the outside. What we set out to achieve from the outset was the feeling of infinite space and connection.
At 88sqm the house only increased in size by the removal of a side setback. The result is one where the main living space is a continuation of the outdoor courtyard and vice versa. You can be on the sofa and looking out toward the streets trees and genuinely feel as if you are outside under them.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

He brings his big personality. Like bold colour choices in the bedrooms through to the black timber lined walls, colour has been used to personalise our home. Keith adds to that colour. He’s a constant wherever you are in the house. Always on the go, always there to help and always there to offer an opinion, usually in the form of an affirmative lick.

Was your dog considered in any of the design, layout, or choice of finishes for your home?

Its hard not to do anything without considering Keith, especially designing a house. There are obvious things like dog doors and garden beds and less obvious things like Keith’s hand-held shower in the bathroom.

Like his owners, Keith loves sunlight so its movement through the house was a key design consideration with a daybed in the front bedroom allowing Keith to capture those late afternoon rays.

What makes your dog unique?

I think what we’re most amazed at is Keith’s transformation. He’s a rescue. He came to the pound in a really bad way – malnourished, hairless, flea infested, beaten. No one wanted him. He was clearly very distressed.

He’s slowly grown into himself and with each month and year, more of his personality comes through. We’re so proud of him. It’s strange to say it perhaps for a dog, but he’s honestly come so far, and we’re all better for it. He brings us and the people around him infinite joy.

How did you choose your dogs name?

Keith’s foster family named him “Keith-e”.  We instantly just starting calling him “Keith”. “Keith-e” just seemed too cutesy - he’s a bit of a bruiser. Hilariously, he also responds to “K-Dog” and “K-Bomb”. You always know when you’ve been “K-Bombed”. It often involves Keith wanting to sit on you and give you licks for about an hour. You love it or hate it.

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be?

Keith actually did “say” something about the house. The first time we came back to the house after the rear was demolished we had Keith with us. We walked down the largely intact front corridor and when we got to the end the rest of the house was literally gone. Keith looked at us. He looked at the empty space. He looked back at us…and then he let out this long, exhausted groan. It’s as though he wanted to know what we’d done to his place! 

Any other fun stories to share?

Keith has changed our lives in so many ways – and those of the people around him. We couldn’t take him with us when we moved out to renovate. So he lived Monday to Friday with Ronda, our neighbour and spent the weekends with us. When it got to the end of the build, Ronda make it clear he was still to come to her house every day. And so he does. He trots up to Ronda’s in the morning, and trots back at night when we’re home.


BREED: 2x Pugs & a Shih tzu X Pekingese
ARCHITECT: Matt Gibson

NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy0292.jpg

Describe your dogs.

Astro is an 11 year old deaf and partially blind Pug, who loves to sleep in each morning until he is the last one in bed. He then requires his walk around the same block that he does every day as he knows all the smells to find himself back home… once he makes it home his paws get wiped as he is allergic to grass. 

Coco is 13 years old and the oldest in the household (in dog years!)  You will rarely see her in the house as she is more like a cat and prefers to make herself scarce. This being said, Coco prefers to keep to herself because she has a long list of dislikes. These include other dogs (especially puppies), loud noises, alarms, speed bumps, vacuum cleaners and thunderstorms. 

Percy is a 6-month-old black pug puppy. He has just discovered his bark and will take it out on everyone and everything (especially his own reflection).  When he is awake, Percy will choose his own adventure and will be exploring every part of the house and return covered in cobwebs or with something in his mouth.   When Percy’s eyelids become heavy, he will expect to be picked up and cuddled like a Koala bear for a solid 2 hours. 

NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy3170.jpg
NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy3179.jpg

Describe your home.

Our 1860 Victorian is a stunning architectural and historical masterpiece, that is set behind the magnificent Gardenia Tree which was planted by Ferdinand von Mueller, the appointed Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens from 1857-1873.

Heading towards the back of the house it becomes modern and open, with an L.A kick back by the pool feel. We put in an over the top kitchen, due to the fact that the kitchen is the heart of a home and we have cooks in the house that love wiping something yummy up.

Each room has something mad and special in which it has been referred to as stepping into Alice in Wonderland as there is always something different to see behind each door.

NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy3125.jpg

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

Mayhem when it is dinner time! But so much happiness and love in the household. No matter how bad your day may be, there is nothing better than seeing the dogs get so excited when you walk in the door. 

NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy0553.jpg
NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy0640.jpg

Has anything in your home been designed especially for your dog?

There is an internal courtyard in the middle of the house. It’s great for the dogs when we need to pop out and not have to stress as to what trouble they may be up to. 

In the master bedroom there is also a large painting of Astro above the bed.

NicoleEngland-ResidentDog-Astro Coco Percy0343.jpg

What’s your dogs favourite sleeping spot/room/piece of furniture?

Astro prefers to be in the bed and under the sheets snoring. 

Coco likes to be the first in the bean bag where she is surrounded by her favourite soft toys.

Percy loves to be outside in the garden practicing his bark.

How did you choose your dogs name?

My daughter named Astro because she loved Astroboy and he was full of energy when he was little. It also means Star in Greek, so I guess he is the star in our eyes.

Coco had a beautiful dark chocolate colouring when she was a puppy. However once we named her Coco, she turned into a cream colour!

There is still a debate as to who Percy was named after. One argument is that it’s the name of the pug in Pocahontas and the other is the naughty train in Thomas the Tank engine. 

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be?

They love the pantry and require more food in their bowls please and thank you! 


BREED: German short haired pointer

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed1.jpg

Describe your dogs personality.

He is very active and extremely affectionate

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed2.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed11.jpg

Describe your home.

We live in a stunning home with wrap around views of the river

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed3.jpg

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

Jed is high energy and lots of fun... he goes nuts when the birds fly overhead and chases the foxes and possums in the garden

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed8.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed10.jpg

Has anything in your home been designed especially for your dog?

The green marble floors perfectly hide Jeds black hair that falls out.

Our landscape designer wanted all stone out the front, but instead we put the grass down for Jed.

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed4.jpg

What’s your dogs favourite sleeping spot/room/piece of furniture?

His favourite spot to hang out is next to us while watching TV in the backroom... otherwise he is standing at the floor to ceiling windows watching out for ducks down in the river below

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed5.jpg

If dogs and their owners are supposed to look the same, does that reflect in the design of your home as well?

Jed is handsome, elegant and warm... just like our home.

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed9.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Jed6.jpg

Any other fun stories?

One day Jed took off swimming down the river chasing ducks, and was found and picked up by a neighbouring kayaker.


BREED: Weimaraner
ARCHITECT: Richards Stanisich

Describe your dog. 

Berlin has always traded on her looks to get what she wants! The breed is notorious for constantly pushing the boundaries and Miss B is no exception!
She is loving, a great companion and my best friend.

Describe your home.

It’s a bit like a tranquil tree house. The apartment is right in the middle of a canopy of trees on Macleay Street so we look out on to green most of the year. The goal of the design was to make the space relaxed and to be sympathetic to the style of the building.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

She makes our house a home. When she isn’t here, it feels empty. She likes to work the crowd when we have guests over – especially if there is an opportunity to get a snack from them.

Artist: Robert Doble

Was your dog considered in any of the design, layout, or choice of finishes for your home?

She is furious that we opted for a dish draw rather than a conventional dishwasher. Berlin is quite the pre-rinse cycle. Her favourite thing used to be getting into the dishwasher for a good lick. Unfortunately she can no longer do this.

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot/furniture/room etc?

Berlin has two beds – one in the office which gives her a line of sight to the kitchen , and her second bed is in the master bedroom. She used to sleep in her own room, but would bang on the door in the middle of the night to come into our room. Eventually we gave up, so she sleeps where she wants now!

If dogs and their owners are supposed to look the same, does this reflect in the design of your home as well?

Definitely in the colour scheme. Berlin is a muted colour, and the apartment is definitely co-ordinated to her colouring.

What makes your dog unique?

Her uncanny ability to know when I’m getting chocolate from the fridge. Somehow she knows the sound and doesn’t even look up from her bed as she knows that chocolate is a no no.

How did you choose your dogs name?

It’s a nod to her German heritage, although she does go by a few names: Miss Lin, Miss Berlin and Miss B.

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be?

I wish it had a lift!


BREED: Australian Shepard

Describe your dog.

Ivy is a perennial puppy. She loves company, being centre of attention and cheese. She is very soft and gets more than her fair share of pats as a result.

Describe your home.

Home is a renovated California Bungalow in the Arts and Crafts style with a modern rear addition.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

Ivy is full of energy if a walk or a ball is involved. Otherwise she will move quietly to wherever people are and sleep. She is a calming influence.

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot/furniture/room etc?

Ivy likes to sleep in the library, a central point where she can be in contact with whoever is home. When the older adults are away she likes to “visit” the younger family members in the upstairs bedrooms and lie on the beds.

What makes your dog unique?

Ivy is soft both physically and in nature. She draws people to her.

How did you choose your dogs name?

Ivy came to us prior to our renovating. At the time the front garden and fence was dominated by ivy. We love botanical names and it stuck.


BREED: German Short Haired Pointer
ARCHITECT & DESIGNERS: Malin Constructions & Fiona Lynch

Describe your dogs personality?

She is very laid back, fun and easy going but also likes her own space. She loves long runs in the park. Is obsessive Compulsive when it comes to birds, she can’t help stalking them.

Has anything in your space been designed especially for your dog?

To be honest we didn’t need to, she would fit into any space. But she loves lying on the warm bluestone tiles in the sun.

What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your space?

She brings a chilled out relaxed vibe. She doesn’t go crazy or jump around a lot. She saves that for the park. In fact she helps keep the household less crazy!

Has your dog destroyed anything in your home?

Not really, she did a bit of demolition in the garden when we first moved in but she leaves everything alone now.


BREED: Spoodle
INTERIORS: Madeleine Grummet

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle1.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle2.jpg

Describe your dogs personality?

Noodle is our fifth daughter. When the girls run for a hug at the end of the day, she’s right in there pawing and clawing for her bit of lovin. Every night she will choose a different bed to sleep on - she doesn’t play favourites. She’s just gorgeous placid easy wooly chick who is a big part of our tribe.

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle3.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle11.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle5.jpg

What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your space?

Her vibe is relaxed and easy, and she often places herself right in the centre of the action. She’ll place herself on the stairwell like sentinel so she can keep an eye on the flurry of comings and goings in a house of 6. When we light a fire, she’ll sprawl herself out on the hearth, legs akimbo, head back, like a royal corgy. It’s hilarious.

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle6.jpg
Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle7.jpg

Has your dog destroyed anything in your home?

In her high energy race dog moments, she'll flog soft toys from the girls bedrooms and tear through the house with them locked in her jaws. This often ends in a mad Bugs Bunny chase under tables and through the kitchen with screams and barks - all good fun. She always gives it back to the girls in the end. They’re honestly like a pack. She goes from room to room in the morning and licks their faces to wake them up for school.

Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle9.jpg