BREED: Border Collie and Cavoodle

Describe your dog.

We’ve had Boo since she was a puppy - she has a beautiful nature, is well behaved, and always wants to do the right thing. She loves everyone to be together, especially on walks.

Noodle has only been with us for the last couple of weeks. She is a rescue dog who spent her earlier years primarily confined to a cage. She is very affectionate, understandably a little timid, but looooves her new family.

Even though Boo and Noodle are the same age, Boo has assumed the role of big sister.

Describe your home.

Our home is modern, family focused, and easy to live in. Lots of open spaces with clever zoning and close relations with indoor/outdoor areas.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

Like all animals, Boo brings a wonderful energy to our home - a constant loving presence, which Noodle enhances - although Noodle likes to snuggle in much closer than Boo.

Was your dog considered in any of the design, layout, or choice of finishes for your home?

The home came before Boo, but our previous dog Maddie, another Border Collie was defi- nitely considered - she too loved the easy outdoor access and visual proximity to all of the action.

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot/furniture/room etc?

Noodle loves to sit as close to you as possible.
Boo loves to sit in the ivy, poolside, or in the nook in the ensuite bathroom - she loves to position herself so she has no chance of missing out on a walk or a snack.

What makes your dog unique?

When Boo is relaxing, she can get herself into some very interesting poses - like a yogi. She also gets quite jealous when anyone in the family is ‘sharing a hug’ insisting that the hug be given up for pats instead.

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be?

Boo loves how she can be close to the action, and also sneak off to one of her favourite spots when the house is quiet.

Noodle loves how much space and freedom there is, and an unlimited amount of love and affection.

Any other interesting stories to share?

Boo likes to take on the role as “life saver” when the kids are in the pool or ocean - she is always on high alert, looking out for any danger.