BREED: Japanese Spitz
ARCHITECT: Robin Boyd with a Stephen Jolson renovation

Describe your dogs.

Luna (male) is placid , gentle and extremely loyal.
Valentine (female) is cheeky, feisty and very determined.

Describe your home.

An oasis.
A tree house suspended with magical dappled light and a real sense of calm.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

 The dogs bring a lot of warmth, love and joy into our home.

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot/furniture/room etc?

The dogs love to be outside on the deck in the sunshine or on the bed in my bedroom.

If dogs and their owners are supposed to look the same, does this reflect in the design of your home as well?

 The sensibility of our home is quite Japanese and our beautiful dogs are Japanese spitzes.

How did you choose your dogs name?

Luna for the moon and Valentine I bought as a Valentine gift for myself.

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be?

Thank you for the beautiful space we live in.