BREED: Lagotto x Poodle
ARCHITECT: Wolveridge Architects
STYLIST: Natalie James

Describe your dog.

Bonnie is a puppy who bounces around wanting to know what is happening in every room all of the time. She is loving and warm and soft and often demands cuddles.

Describe your home.

The cottage is a small self contained home that has become a luxury escape for many – including us!

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

Bonnie brings us all into the present with her enthusiasm, mindfulness and love. We are always encouraged to take our time when Bonnie is around!

Was your dog considered in any of the design, layout or choice of finishes in your house?

Bonnie blends in with the dark and moody tones of the house and her colouring complement the finishes. Her fluffiness adds warmth and texture. Sometimes she becomes lost in the shadows, but she always bounds out when she’s called!

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot?

Bonnie gravitates to comfortable patches of the house, usually close to her people. She finds the couches, and woollen rugs and ultimately sprawls on the floor, seeking to lay out flat!
At about 6am every morning she bounds into the bedroom and jumps onto the bed for a spooning cuddle sleep. It’s lovely that’s she’s so independent, but just wants a little quiet time before the day begins!

If dogs and their owners are supposed to look the same, does this reflect in the design of your home as well?

Bonnie has become part of our loose furniture – she adds warmth and texture and movement to the home and sometimes adds a sculptural element….

What makes your dog unique?

Bonnie is a small sized lagotto - she’s very clever and astute and always wanting to please.

How did you choose your dogs name?

We chose Bonnie, based on Ebony. She is also a lovely puppy. The children now call her Bonzles….is that very Australian to abbreviate a name like that?

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be?

I think Bonnie would prefer a few less rooms – she wants to be able to have a sleep with one eye open and not lose sight of someone leaving the room!

Any other fun stories to share?

Bonnie often barks at the wildlife the kangaroos and magpies (from inside the house, where she is safe and secure). A classic case of the barks is worse than….