BREED: Miniature Schnauzer
ARCHITECT: Doherty Design Studio

Tell us about yourself Neville:

I might be little, but I have a huge personality and I like everyone to know that I am really the boss. I sometimes bark loudly but that is to let everyone know that a stranger is in our house. I love giving and receiving cuddles and chasing balls around the house, but sometimes I like to let them roll under the furniture so that somebody will get up and play with me. I have a hairy moustache that blows in the wind when I run fast. I love snacks, and pigs ears are one of my favourites, but I pretty much love anything. I really like toast crusts too, and I annoy everyone until they share their food with me.

Tell us about your home:

We live in a big converted church, with a tower and fancy coloured glass windows. There are lots of different levels but I’m only allowed on the ground floor, although sometimes I sneak upstairs just to check on everybody.

We have the best hard wooden floors for running fast and then sliding. I really love doing this especially when everyone comes home at the end of the day. It’s so much fun but sometimes my legs go so fast that I actually don’t move forward. I also really like leaping off the steps to greet my family when they come through the front door.

I have my own little door so that I can sneak in and out whenever I want. Sometimes they trick me and lock the door and I often bang my nose hard when I try to race in or out. I have lots of great places in the garden to investigate as well.

What is your favourite part of your home and why?

I love sleeping on the couch when my brother and sister are lying on it. I sit on top of them and go to sleep. Sometimes I hide my treats behind the cushions too. I also like sleeping in the sunny spot in the kitchen when the sun shines through the window.

Describe your lifestyle:

My life is pretty great. I get to hang out with my mum heaps and she takes me for drives to the beach and to the country in her car. I love doing this, and I really like standing up and looking out the window. When I get bored I curl up on the seat and snooze until we get to our destination.

Everyday we go for a long walk and I play with my friends at the park. Some are much bigger than me but I don’t mind, I play with everyone. Some dogs are a little bit rough but I just stand still and let them sniff me. I never let mum out of my sight.

How did you meet your humans?

I was so little when I met my family. I was born in Bendigo and my family drove a long way in the car to come and get me. My mum cried a little bit when she first saw me. I think I was pretty cute. She cuddled me the whole way home and I felt really safe and secure.

How did they choose your name?

My family all love a movie called Harry Potter and there is a character called Neville Longbottom. I guess they called me after him. Sometimes when I meet new humans, they giggle when they learn my name. I’m not sure why humans think it is funny but I love being called Nev.

If you could design your own home, what would it look like?

I’m pretty lucky as I really love my home, I don’t think I would change a thing. Maybe I would have some grass in the garden as I really like rolling around on it, but I can do this when my family take me to our beach house. It’s the best fun there as I can get under the house and dig in the dirt. Then I get to run through the water and waves at the beach and roll in the sand.

What is your naughtiest habit?

I love stealing socks and underwear and starting a game of chase! Nobody can catch me as I’m super fast. I can dart and hide easily but I let them win if they give me pigs ears from the pantry. I also like to bite the feet of whoever is going up the stairs. It really annoys my family but makes me so happy.

Who is your best friend and why?

That is so hard to choose. My mum is the best because she walks me, feeds me and cuddles me, but my brother and sister are great because they cuddle me too. I also love it when my dad comes home as he always makes a big fuss of me.
My family love me so much so I guess they’re all my best friends.