BREED: German Wirehaired Pointer X Wolfhound & Miniature Spoodle
ARCHITECT: Jason Chongue - The Plant Society

Please tell us about yourselves.

We’re both shaggy dogs who make sure to keep our parents on their toes.

Ingrid (right): I was rescued at 2 months from a hunting pack where I was bred to hunt rather than nurtured in a home. I’m a big dog but often think I’m small enough to run around our home elegantly. I’m now 5 and a half years old so I’m slowing down but still get up to mischief especially when we go to the country.

Hans (left): I’m now 2 years old and love following Ingrid and my parents around the house. I don’t say much but prefer to keep in the know with everything that is happening. It’s nice waking up the entire house every morning as I race up and down the hallway, springing off the floor so I can fly through the air.

Tell us about your home.

We live in a heritage workers cottage, it’s narrow but we like to cram a lot in. It’s nice sleeping on top of each other in the living room especially in winter when the wood fire is lit. We always think our home is a collection of things and an indoor oasis with our rampant indoor garden. The house was renovated after we moved in, making the spaces more connected and less pokey. The front half of the house was restored back to its Victorian aesthetic whilst the rear half incorporated new elements which celebrated traditional materials in a new light.

What is your favourite part of your home and why?

That would have to be the living room! We spend hours on end sleeping near the fireplace, sometimes so close our fur gets singed. It’s always a fight to be as close as possible to the fireplace.
Ingrid: When I’m sick of Hans always being in my face, I love hiding in the backroom where the greenery shields me from the rest of the family.

Describe your lifestyle.

We typically stay home whilst our dads are at work however we do make an appearance in the studio from time to time. We’re pretty good at keeping each other company throughout the day. We’re often just playing tug of war, throwing balls around or just plain kissing.

How did you meet your humans?

Ingrid: I was rescued from a hunting pack in NSW and Jason came to pick me up.
Hans: I met Nathan and Jason in their new shop when they first launched The Plant Society. I was introduced to Ingrid to keep her company.

How did they choose your name?

Ingrid: Being half German my name was chosen to relate to this. My white, blonde hair meant that Ingrid was perfect for me.
Hans: Since Ingrid had a German name I needed one too. My name was chosen before they even met me.

If you could design your own home, what would it look like?

It would be a big sprawling garden with a tiny house! We’re thinking the country with a rambling garden where we could take ourselves for adventures.

What is your naughtiest habit?

That would have to be waking the house up at 6am like clockwork every morning. There’s no need for anyone to sleep in on any day! We’ve got to walk!
Ingrid: I’m forever annoying everyone with my chattiness. It’s the only way to make sure I keep the house in line.

Who is your best friend and why?

That would be each other. We’re inseparable. It’s nice spending days on end with each other and being each other’s hot water bottle.


BREED: Spoodle
INTERIORS: Madeleine Grummet

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Resident Dog Blog-Nicole England-Noodle2.jpg

Describe your dogs personality?

Noodle is our fifth daughter. When the girls run for a hug at the end of the day, she’s right in there pawing and clawing for her bit of lovin. Every night she will choose a different bed to sleep on - she doesn’t play favourites. She’s just gorgeous placid easy wooly chick who is a big part of our tribe.

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What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your space?

Her vibe is relaxed and easy, and she often places herself right in the centre of the action. She’ll place herself on the stairwell like sentinel so she can keep an eye on the flurry of comings and goings in a house of 6. When we light a fire, she’ll sprawl herself out on the hearth, legs akimbo, head back, like a royal corgy. It’s hilarious.

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Has your dog destroyed anything in your home?

In her high energy race dog moments, she'll flog soft toys from the girls bedrooms and tear through the house with them locked in her jaws. This often ends in a mad Bugs Bunny chase under tables and through the kitchen with screams and barks - all good fun. She always gives it back to the girls in the end. They’re honestly like a pack. She goes from room to room in the morning and licks their faces to wake them up for school.

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