BREED: Staffy/Amstaff cross
ARCHITECT: Arnold Lane

Describe your dog’s personality?

Sooky to the extreme! Only happy if he is with me. Curious , loves to visit people and places, and as a result he comes everywhere with us! We take him shopping, parties, restaurants, outdoor cinemas , holidays, and chopper flying! He is very easy and is happy to be a part of all facets of our lives.

Has anything in your space been designed especially for your dog?

No, other than an expensive dog bed that he doesn't like!
His favourite room is our bedroom, where he sleeps beside me at night.
During the day he will often be found lying in the sun looking out at the bridge and opera house :)

What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your space?

A lovely one! He is thrilled when someone comes home.
As a very vocal dog, whatever he is feeling he vocalises, so it's lovely to hear him sighing with happiness , just to himself, when we are all home with him.
He is a rescue dog who had been abused, so he seems to appreciate his change in circumstances!

Has your dog destroyed anything in your home?

The first few years we had him, if I left him he would find and destroy a shoe, only mine.
Since we moved to this apartment, one occasion he was dogsat, he wee'd in the spare room. After that he would return to that same spot if ever the door was open.