BREED: German Short Haired Pointer
ARCHITECT & DESIGNERS: Malin Constructions & Fiona Lynch

Describe your dogs personality?

She is very laid back, fun and easy going but also likes her own space. She loves long runs in the park. Is obsessive Compulsive when it comes to birds, she can’t help stalking them.

Has anything in your space been designed especially for your dog?

To be honest we didn’t need to, she would fit into any space. But she loves lying on the warm bluestone tiles in the sun.

What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your space?

She brings a chilled out relaxed vibe. She doesn’t go crazy or jump around a lot. She saves that for the park. In fact she helps keep the household less crazy!

Has your dog destroyed anything in your home?

Not really, she did a bit of demolition in the garden when we first moved in but she leaves everything alone now.