BREED: Staffie

Describe your dog.

Maxi exudes an indefinable nonchalance, inadvertently commanding the studio he confidently inhabits. His heroic and wilful stubbornness has been tempered with a gentle and playful nature that has earned him the respect and admiration of all his colleagues.
At 15 years of age, Maxi is no stranger to extended naps, enlivened with ‘melodic’ snores and post noon flatulence. 

Describe your studio.

A white, canvas like open-plan studio filled with natural light and the soft buzz of designers busy at work. Curated music, art and furniture along with the reassuring hum of the coffee machine provides the perfect background for Maxi’s personality to shine.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your studio?

Maxi is the self-appointed custodian of the studio. Dutifully and with a twinkle in his eye he slowly treads a well-worn path around the office, checking in and making his presence known amongst the team. As a ‘lover not a fighter’ his amorous advances are unapologetically delivered as little nudges under the desk to unsuspecting colleagues who immediately reward him with a therapeutic back rub and if he’s lucky a tasty treat.

How did you choose your dog’s name? 

Maxi is a combination of two names very dear to the Carr family, Alistair ‘Taxi’ Carr and Max Franklin.

What is your dog’s favourite lounging spot?

Maxi likes to lounge in the conference room. Chasing the sun, he saunters in and picks the perfect spot to stretch, scratch and bathe in the warm light, oblivious to the activity around him. When he’s had enough, Maxi prods the pivot doors open and exits without a care in the world, leaving behind his colleagues to instinctively realign the doors whilst still in conversation

If dogs and their owners are supposed to look the same, does this reflect in the design of your business or studio?

Like our studio, Maxi exhibits a focused, courageous and youthful energy that extends beyond the limits of time and space. He is at his happiest when he is surrounded by people doing what they love best. The odd treat also doesn’t go astray.

If your dog said something about the studio, what would it be?

No other dogs allowed! Woof.

How do you think the presence of a dog alters the studio atmosphere?

Maxi reminds us what it means to be human. He’s the ice breaker that helps connect the studio and the circuit breaker that eases the pressures of a working day. He doesn’t run on batteries, need to be plugged in or recharged – he’s just Maxi.

Any other fun stories to share?

We once attempted to introduce Maxi to a ‘Standard Poodle’ who was a special guest in the studio for the day. Despite our best efforts at encouraging them to play together over at Treasury Gardens, Maxi stood his ground and made it known he wouldn’t stand for such nonsense.

Maxi doesn’t like to do what he’s told… that pretty much sums him up.