BREED: West Highland Terrier
ARCHITECT: Anthony Pie

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, Im Angus and I am almost 5 years old. My most treasured people are the ones who look after and love me the most, Paul, Lynda, Tom and Katherine. I have been with them since I was a new pup and I feel so totally spoilt by the love and affection given to me.

Tell us about your home.

I love everything about my home. I feel so secure and happy in all spaces of this home. I did have to temporarily move out when it was being renovated to an apartment and it is so good to be back to my sanctuary. I missed the park and all of my friends down at Orrong Park, there is no place like home.

What is your favourite part of your home?

I can always find many cosy spots in my home, from the sofa, to laying in front of the fire on the wool rug. I quite often enjoy going upstairs and being able to look down to my family sitting below, they wonder sometimes where I am, but I know exactly where they are and enjoy watching them and listening to their conversations. I have to say though that my most favourite spot would have to be at the entrance to our home. I can sit on the front matt for hours looking out of the security door at all the people walking and driving past.

Describe your lifestyle.

I am actually a bit of a stay at home dog. I think that I am quite social but I guess I prefer the company of my family and just hanging by myself when they are not at home. I do enjoy heading down to the park on my walks and briefly meeting with other friends, but the park is more about me and getting my exercise in. My preference when I am there is to hang with the smaller dogs as the larger dogs freak me out a bit.

How did you meet your humans?

I first met Paul and Lynda when they came to buy me from the breeder. They were looking and cuddling my brothers and sisters and I was so excited when they chose me. I just knew that they were right for me and that I was going to be perfect for them. I think it was actually love at first sight. I could tell as they just wouldn’t put me down. The next minute I was in the car on the journey home with them to my new life.

How did they choose your name?

I believe there was a bit of discussion around my name with the four of them. And due to my origins they came up with the name Angus, they do call me Angie quite a bit and other silly nicknames that I really cant make much sense of.

If you could design your own home, what would it look like?

I am very happy with the design of our home, everything is fresh and new and I am very content with how it is. The only thing I would perhaps really like is some fresh grass to roll around on.

What is your naughtiest habit?

My naughtiest habit would have to be sleeping on Paul and Lyndas’ bed and being allowed in the middle of the night to burrow under the doona. I also like sometimes when no one is home to drag my bed around the room and give it a bit of a lick and chew. I also have a great selection of balls in a basket that I like to empty and leave around everywhere.

Who is your best friend?

I wouldn’t like Lynda to know this, but in all honesty, Paul is my best friend. In his eyes there is nothing I can do wrong. He is ALWAYS up for a walk, most nights he will lay on the floor with me in front of the fire and where he goes I go to. It is also Paul who lifts the doona up in the middle of the night for me to snuggle under and I always make sure I am as close to him as possible to keep him warm.