BREED:  Cavoodle

Describe your dog.

A little princess!
The sweetest, cutest little dog who always wants to be by my side.

Describe your home.

A modern family home with different textures with the highlight being a spiral staircase which lets the light in from the skylight at the top.

What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your home?

She completes our home and brings a lot of warmth and love. Instead of having a 4th child we got Coco!

Was your dog considered in any of the design, layout, or choice of finishes for your home?

From the start we kept on asking the architect where our dog door would go.

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot?

She is only little so loves to be on top of the couch in the family room where she can see everything that is going on.  She also loves to be on the kids beds during the day and on mums bed at night.

If dogs and their owners are supposed to look the same, does this reflect in the design of your home as well?

Coco always looks clean and white, which is very similar to our home.

What makes your dog unique?

Sometimes she acts like a circus dog and sits on her back legs, especially when she wants a treat. 

How did you choose your dogs name?

We just liked the name Coco, which is ironic considering she is the opposite from Cocoa in colour.

If your dog said something about the house, what would it be? 

Thanks for so much space to run around in, I especially love chasing balls around the tennis court and lying in all the sun.

Any other fun stories to share?

Coco is very attached to all of us, so much so that if anybody else tries to walk her she digs her heels in and refuses to go.