BREED:  Hungarian Vizsla
DECORATION: Milk & Sugar

Artwork: Betty Mbitjana

Tell us about yourself Indiana:

I am a ten year old Vizsla, living in the Bayside suburb of Elwood. I love eating chicken and cuddling my humans. Ear rubs are life.

Artwork: Dan Hocking

Artwork: Simone Anne

Tell us about your home:

We’ve lived in a two bedroom apartment for two years and moved in right when it was brand new. My humans fell in love with the design of the apartment but I mainly love the sofa and all the other soft furnishings that they bought when we moved in.

What is your favourite part of your home and why?

I’d have to say my favourite spot would be the end of the sofa in the living room. From this spot I can survey the whole place so I know everything that’s going on. It’s particularly good because obviously I’m comfortable but I also have a great view of what’s cooking over in the kitchen but am far enough away to be removed from all the really scary cooking sounds. My second favourite spot would be my king size bed that I share with my dads. On weekends I often sleep past midday, particularly in the colder months. In the morning I’ll check the weather outside and if it’s raining I won’t move for hours.

Describe your lifestyle:

I live a pretty stressful, fast-paced life. My dads and I own and run a homewares business, so we all work together in our office in Prahran. I go to the office every day, so am never really left alone, which I like. I like to always know what my humans are up to.

In my spare time we like to go for walks along the bay - as the beach is at the end of our street. In summer, my dads and I love going for early morning swims at Elwood Beach. I’m an excellent swimmer and can swim for hours. I love socialising with my human’s friends and I love it when my dads have dinner parties because I get to eat lots of yummy food.

How did you meet your humans?

I met them when I was eight weeks old. I was living with my 9 brothers and sisters and my humans came and adopted me. I cried a little on the way home to my new house but have never looked back since. My dads are always saying how big I am now and they tell me stories about when I was a baby.

How did they choose your name?

One of my dads just liked the name and thought it suited me, so it stuck. I only get called Indiana though when I’m naughty, which is never. My humans have a million nicknames for me, some of which are so embarrassing. They mostly call me Indi or Mousie (because when I was little I scurried around like a little mouse).

Artwork: Tony Owczarek

If you could design your own home, what would it look like?

I love my current home so I don’t know what I’d change. Location is probably most important to me rather than internal design features, so my perfect home would be close to the beach for swimming but also really close to shops where my humans can go and buy my food. That’s why I love this one so much. It ticks all the boxes. I would probably like a pool and sundeck though...

What is your naughtiest habit?

Apparently it’s really naughty when I run into the kitchen to see what’s cooking and I jump up and put my hands on the kitchen counter. My humans don’t understand that’s the only way I can see the food though! They keep saying it’s naughty but they always laugh when I do it, so I get confused.

Who is your best friend and why?

My best doggy friend is my littlest cousin - she’s a Mini Daschund puppy called Barney. We are obsessed with each other and I love chasing her around the house when I visit her. Sometimes we have play dates at my grandparents' house, which I love. I have too many human friends to list, I’m really lucky like that. My dads take me everywhere with them so I’m constantly meeting lots of new people and making friends.