BREED: English Bulldog
ARCHITECT: P&T Interiors

Describe your dogs personality?

My dog? Oh right, Lucy is a dog. I often get the feeling Lucy thinks she is a human. She does not like interacting with other dogs, but jumps to attention at the sight or sound of other people. She is very curious, and always comes over to check on things when new people enter her space. She is far from a guard dog though. She will either lose interest in the person, or go in for some petting before finding her way back to her nap position.

What came first, the dog or the house?

The dog came first, then the house(s)! As an interior designer, my own living space tends to be under construction more often then not. Lucy has a sixth sense about it at this point. She is definitely more stable then the house we live in, and she always seems to know when we are going to be moving again.

Did you have to change anything in the house for the dog?

The freezer space has become Lucy’s food domain. She eats homemade food which takes up just about the entire freezer.

What sort of vibe does your dog bring to your space?

Lucy brings a sense of calm and stability to the home. Whether she is snoring in the corner or following me from room to room, having her around gives me a peace of mind that only a dog can bring to a space.

Where is your dogs favourite place to hang out and why?

Lucy loves the bed. She is a big fan of day-time napping (lucky dog!), and if I can’t find her anywhere else, it is always safe to guess she has found her way back to bed.