BREED: Cavoodle
ARCHITECT: Smart Design

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 2 year old Cavoodle, and I live with 4 humans and 1 Persian cat in the city on Sydney Harbour.

Artwork: Camille Hannah

Tell us about your home.

I love my home, we live on Sydney Harbour in a 2 level apartment with lots of space and a natural grass lawn. My home has lots of light… I love playing on the lawn, running up and down the stairs to chase my ball and sleeping on the lounge.

What is your favourite part of your home and why?

My favourite spot is the lounge and the lawn. I love sun baking upstairs in the afternoon and sleeping on the lounge during the day.

Artwork: Camille Hannah

Describe your lifestyle. 

I like to sleep in, although the mornings are very crazy at home. I am lucky to get a quick walk and a sniff around the block before school and work. Which means I go for a long walk mid morning… we go to Observatory Hill to view the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Barangaroo Park and Pyrmont. Sometimes I go to the office for a special treat and there are lots of people there to play with and for pats. A few times a week I go in the car but its not my favourite thing to do.

On the weekend I visit my best human friend and we go to lots of cafes around Darlinghurst. I love it there because there’s lots of French Bull Dogs and Pugs to play with. I sleep until the afternoon and then the crazy starts again, everyone comes home from school and work. I greet everyone, play and get lots and lots of cuddles. My teenage human sister is always filming me and sending them to her friends… they love me lots too.

How did you meet your humans?

I arrived on a plane from Queensland. I loved the plane and it was love at first site. I was a surprise and my new human sister couldn't stop crying so it was a very exciting and special time. I instantly loved my new home.

How did they choose your name?

My name is Sidney because I live in Sydney.

If you could design your own home, what would it look like?

It would be just like the one I live in but with more dogs to play with and an automatic ball thrower.

What is your naughtiest habit?

My humans think its disgusting but I love underwear. If I find any I like to deconstruct them, but I haven't seen any around for a while though.

Who is your best friend and why?

My best friend is Winnie the Persian cat that I live with although I am not sure she feels the same way! My other best friend is Dougie the Sausage Dog. We love to go to cafes and walks and we visit each other via the Ferry… he lives Balmain. Dougie doesn't like pats from people he doesn't know so I get all the attention, it works well.