BREED: Portuguese Water Dog


Describe your dog. 

Zephyr thinks she is human.
In fact, she prefers humans (usually strangers) over dogs. She’ll become your best friend in minutes…no wait, seconds.

Describe your home.

We live in a federation home (built in 1903) with a modern extension that is sympathetic to the period.

What sort of energy does your dog bring to your home?

Zephyr has a warm and friendly manner - she welcomes all our guests (and us) when they first arrive. She has a calming nature.

Whats your dogs favourite hanging out spot in the house?

Zaphyr loves sleeping on the bean bags in the living room. She will also try and sneak a spot on the sofa - if she can get away with it!

What make your dog unique?

Zephyr, while sizeable in stature, needs to have her soft toy with her all of the time (when she’s not out walking). She sleeps with it, carries it everywhere, and greets guests at the door with it.

How did you choose your dogs name?

Zephyr means ‘a soft gentle breeze’. We really liked the name.

If your dog said something about the house what would it be?

“Don’t put me outside. I much prefer to be in.”